Fashion for The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful!
At the heart of BAM-BAM’s aesthetic is a desire to activate spaces and surfaces with vivid patterns and designs. 
These textile designs are developed from hand-drawn illustrations by
BAM-BAM. Translating this to clothing allows for the individual to experience the artwork fully as wearable art, and in essence to live it.

The intention of the clothing is to feel fabulous and confident in what you are wearing, allowing for beneficial experiences and connections

With generally gender neutral designs, these garments look great on everyone.

Often worn by performers, dancers and dreamers.
All products are made with an artisan team, drawing great importance on the quality of the clothing. 

Many of the fabrics used are made from sustainable bamboo, cotton, and linen, as a commitment to creating a more sustainable fashion future. The majority of our fabrics are screen-printed by hand, with a select few being printed digitally, depending on the material constraints. All team members involved with the production are valued, respected, appreciated and paid fairly.

There is a robust theatricality to the BAM-BAM brand, which involves characters and concepts in the developments of photoshoots and runway shows. This allows the viewers' imaginations to run wild, and as a result, many of BAM-BAM’s works are surrealist creations that evoke a sense of fantasy and curiosity.

We are the happiest when we receive stories of incredible events, connections and joyful times that are felt and shared whilst wearing BAM-BAM clothing.  

5% of all profits are donated to the NGO The Bali Life Foundation, which is an organisation building schools in Bali. 

Editorial column

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