Clothing and Art for The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful!
At the heart of Bam-Bam’s aesthetic is a desire to revitalise spaces and surfaces with vivid patterns and designs.  Translating this to clothing allows for the human to experience the artwork fully, in essence to live it. 

The intention of the clothing is to feel awesome in what you are wearing, allowing for experiences and connections that will benefit yourself as well as others. 

With unisex designs, these garments look great on men and women.

Often worn by performers, dancers and dreamers.

We are the happiest when we receive stories of incredible events, connections and joyful times that were felt and shared whilst wearing Bam-Bam clothing. 

All products are made with an artisan team, drawing great importance on the quality of the clothing. The fabrics that we use are made from sustainable bamboo, cotton and linen, steps to creating more sustainable fashionable futures.  All employees involved with the production of the clothing are respected, appreciated and paid fairly.

Bam-Bam's original textile designs draw on image, shape, colour to create visual expressions and narratives. Bam-Bam fuses traditional and contemporary styles, frequently employing bold abstract cubism patterns. There is a robust theatricality to Bam-Bam’s brand, which involves characters and costumes in the developments of works and photoshoots. This allows the viewer's imagination to run wild and as a result, many of Bam-Bam’s works are surrealist images that evokes a sense of Fantasy and curiosity.